Kaynex Law Offices

Our Firm

Kaynex Law Offices was established in January 2016 by a lawyer with over 25 years’ experience at both Japanese and international leading law firms and three other lawyers, each with over 10 years’ experience at leading international law firms. Drawing on a wealth of specialist knowledge and extensive experience gained from involvement in many domestic and cross-border transactions, Kaynex’s innovative legal services model sets it apart from conventional law firms.

Working across diverse domestic and cross-border matters, Kaynex’s high-level expertise means it can provide swift, commercially practical and flexible legal services that are specifically tailored to clients’ individual needs.

Our team of lawyers have collaborated exceptionally well on many matters to date. Kaynex’s clients experience exceptional levels of satisfaction thanks to such effective teamwork and the synergy that is born from the integration of their individual specialist expertise.

Kaynex’s Value

Kaynex provides all of its clients with high quality services that are based on our lawyers’ extensive experience at leading domestic and international law firms. In addition to having in place the systems naturally expected of such a law firm, Kaynex is committed to the following in order to provide the highest quality services possible to our clients.

Having a deep understanding of and involvement in our clients’ businesses

Our lawyers have provided legal services across a wide range of businesses: from companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and foreign financial institutions and hedge funds, through to brand new startup venture enterprises. Having experience serving such a wide range of clients, Kaynex is able to provide appropriate legal advice that comes from having properly understood our clients’ businesses.

Our services always factor in commercial realities and the actual state of the market. Amongst other things, we take into account developments such as global market trends in financial products and the regulatory developments and legal risk analysis associated with new business models such as financial technology (FinTech). We advise on the practical legal issues that domestic and foreign enterprises actually face in the current market.

Providing solutions

Sometimes the eventuation of legal risks interrupts or suspends a company’s current or planned business. In such cases, our firm does not merely point out legal risk but endeavors to propose an alternative way to carry on business in compliance with the law.

It is possible for Kaynex to offer such high value-added legal services because our lawyers have been on the front lines of many transactions and have many years’ experience at some of the finest law firms in the U.S. and U.K., where there are much longer histories of practicing commercial law than Japan and where solutions-oriented legal services are well established.

As well as providing the above quality legal services, we offer our clients practical solutions to address shortages of in-house legal personnel and other staff in their businesses. For example, for foreign clients that do not have a base in Japan, we provide comprehensive, concierge-like services that can involve making arrangements for the various specialists required when operating a business in Japan and we can even carry out the necessary administrative procedures on their behalf.

For Japanese businesses that are unable to secure the right personnel for their legal and administration departments, we prepare templates of contracts related to that company’s business, attend board meetings as their legal advisor, create internal company regulations, and provide other ongoing advice.

High quality services for cross-border transactions

All of Kaynex’s lawyers are involved in cross-border transactions on an ongoing basis and have been ever since they started practising law. Cross-border transactions that they have advised on include the entry of Japanese enterprises into foreign markets during the years of the bubble economy, the expansion of foreign financial institutions’ businesses in Japan following the Asian Financial Crisis, the post-Lehman withdrawal of investors (including foreign investors) from Japan, and the recent influx of Asian investors into Japan.

All of our lawyers have experienced long-term residence abroad while working or training at the foreign offices of international law firms. By leveraging this experience and expertise, we are able to provide all of our clients with high quality legal services for both inbound and outbound transactions.

We support Japanese enterprises with their expansion abroad by utilizing the global network we have established with lawyers all over the globe through practicing law at global law firms and cooperating with external law firms that are best-suited for advising on particular matters. Kaynex’s team also includes a lawyer who managed the Japan Desk—specialized in the advance of Japanese enterprises into foreign markets—at the foreign office of a global law firm.

Whether you are a large company acquiring a foreign enterprise or a smaller company entering a foreign market, we are ready to advise and serve you.

Making a contribution to the community

Kaynex provides services for businesses’ economic activities but it is also active in making a contribution to the community through its pro bono activities, etc. Amongst our team are lawyers who has received in-house awards for their pro bono work at international law firms and lawyers who continues to provide legal advice to public organizations.